There's a new competitor in town, who could it be?

In this campaign, Burger King needed to draw attention to their App, which has been around for some time but is still little used. For this, they played with the idea of 
a new rival in the area that has much more benefits than BK itself.

To tie this concept together we went for an edgy and funny graphic style.That would give us a nice contrast when paired with a more dramatic tone that drew a lot from classic western saloon scenes. Those were the main inspiration when thinking about mise-en-scène and framing of our shots. Music and voice acting gave a nice touch to this narrative style.


We wanted to design scenes that worked strongly as static pieces, so that animating them was an extra layer of humor. Snappy movements with strong key-poses side by side to a few subtle, almost slo-mo shots, gave us what we needed to keep building the tension in the story.


Client: Burger King
Agency: Monkey-land
Studio: Dirty Work Factory
Executive Producer: Ito Andery
Account Manager: Karima Ruhmann
Director: oito:olhos (Christopher Rocha e Pedro Fernandes)
Head of Production: Jéssica Sales
Assistant Producer: Felipe Ribeiro
Storyboard: oito:olhos, Felms, Bernardo França
Animatic: Jefferson Lima
Art Director: Felms
Illustrator: Lufe Santos, Bernardo França, Bruno Soares, Sarah Hochsteiner
Animation Director: Robson Santos
Cleanup: Dazy Teodoro
Motion Animation and Compositing: Saulo de Castro, Barbara Nozari, Gustavo Miaciro, Caique Moretto
sound: Satélite